Nail Designs just got easier!

When you’re following a nail tutorial you probably wonder how to get those really tiny dots perfect, or those amazing straight lines! Here I am to help you out.

For making tiny dots all you need is a toothpick. Do you see the pointy side on both ends? Dip those in a tiny dot of nail polish to get really tiny dots for an intricate design, but if you want to make a bigger dot (for example: an eyeball) just cut the tip of the toothpick off and it will create a flat dot. Now just dip it into nail polish and there you go!

Girls, in many nail tutorials you see those really cute chevron nail designs, right? Tape is your new best friend! It will give you a clean cute look, instead of trying to make those lines yourself, it’s okay to use a cheat sheet! All you have to do is get a pair of zig-zag scissors and cut across a piece of tape that fits your nail. Then just lay it on an paint over it!

Even though these are not a lot of tips these will help you out tremendously! silver-glitter-red-white-dots-chevron-nails

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