How to create the perfect manicure.

In many nail tutorials they will teach you how to create a nail design, but will they be able to teach you how to achieve the perfect manicure? In just a few easy steps you will be able to have the clean and fabulous manicure you have always wanted.

Step 1) Make sure you’re nails are well groomed. In order to do this you want to make sure your nail bed is bushed back and you have no left over nail polish on your nail. Make sure before you apply any nail polish you apply a base coat to protect your natural nail.

Step 2) Using the appropriate amount of nail polish make even vertical nail strokes starting from the nail bed to the end of your nail. Try to keep the lines all going the same way that way you won’t be able to see the line strokes.

Step 3) After all nail polish is dry apply a top coat, this will give you a clean and shiny finish.

If you follow all these easy steps you will be able to achieve the perfect manicure like the ones you see in nail tutorials.

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