Christmas Nail Tutorial!

christmas-nail-arts-designsChristmas is coming and what else would you want from me other then a cute, fun and easy nail tutorial to show off to your family and friends during this cozy holiday? Follow these really easy and simple steps to create this fabulous nail design!

Step 1) Apply a base coat to each of your nails, this will protect your natural nail.

Step 2) Every girl has a sparkly nail polish! Find a pure sparkle nail polish and apply to all of your nails.

Step 3) Now you’re going to add an uneven white tip to each nail (to look like a snow pile, duh!)

Step 4) To get the full effect of Christmas add tiny white dots to your nails to look like little snowflakes!

Step 5) For your accent nail (the nail to the left of your pinky) add one big circle of white and on top of that one make 2 more smaller then each other. These circles will be the snowman’s body.

Step 6) To create the scarf, hat, nose and buttons you have to use a tooth pick or a tiny dotting tool! There’s really no tips or tricks to this part, just take your time and focus on the details!

I hope this nail tutorial helped you out and now you can show it off to everyone!

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