Adorable puzzle nails!

DIY-Nails-9In this adorable nail tutorial I will show you how to make amazing puzzle nails for anytime of the year!

Step 1) Cover your nail with a base coat to protect your natural nail- plus it will make this nail design look so much better. Next cut a piece of tape and cover more or less of half of your nail.

Step 2) The next step of this tutorial is repeated 4 times. Now with your first color (dark purple) you’re going to paint half of your nail with the tape on. 

Step 3) Repeat step 2 but use the color yellow and fill in the empty part of your nail. Don’t worry about the tape getting painted on in this nail tutorial, after this step you don’t need the tape anymore.

Step 4) Now you can take the tape off. Fill in the half of the remaining top part of your nail with a pinkish color.

Step 5) All you have to do now is fill in the remaining gap with a turquoise nail polish.

Step 6) Using a nail stripier (or any thin line brush) use black to outline the ends of each box.

Step 7) Get any tool you would like to use, like a nail dotter or a toothpick, to create 4 dots on anyplace at the edge of each box. (See picture for example)

Step 8) The last step of this nail tutorial is to make a smaller dot inside the black one and have it also go into the square.

By following this nail tutorial step by step you should be able to achieve the nail design you were hoping for!

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