5 tips on how to achieve long and healthy looking nails!

If you’re reading this you probably know what it’s like to be stuck with short and unappealing looking nails. After reading these tips you will be sure to find some easy tips to achieve the long and healthy looking nails you have always wanted.

Tip #1) Eat a healthy balanced diet. By doing so you should be obtaining plenty of protein because that’s what your nails are made of! Even by doing this your own genes and D.N.A plays a big role in how fast or how healthy looking they grow to be. Remember that this will take patience.

Tip #2) Take care of your nails! Even though you might think you do this a lot, once a week or more of grooming your nails could make all the difference! Make sure your cuticles are pushed back because this will enhance growth in your nails.

Tip #3) Moisturize! In your head you might be thinking ‘I don’t have dry skin, so I don’t have to’ well guess what, you’re wrong! Name brand hand soap may dry out your hands and my moisturizing your hands and nails you will be increasing the rate of growth.

Tip #4) Not to many chemicals! Even though we love painting our nails the chemicals involved in the nail polish itself maybe unhealthy! Make sure you give your nails space to breath by leaving them ‘naked’ overnight at least! IF you can’t resist that then try to look into the chemical-free nail polish lines!

Tip #5) Stop biting your nails! Yes girls, its time to break the habit! Although you may have stuck with this problem for years its time to stop! Biting your nail will split the nail bed and cause growing to decrease! How to break the habit? There’s tons of nail products that put a certain scent on it to stop you from the urge!

If you follow these 5 tips you should be able to achieve the long and healthy looking nails you have always dreamed of!

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